Well Arranged Scary Prank Ever

I think all of us must have watched horror movies and you got scared definitely right?????…….. Just imagine if that was not have happened in the movie rather it would happened in your real life that what will you do???????

Have you ever faced a ghost or a soul in your life??? Or you feel the strange things happen in your surrounding area as well as in your life just like – Suddenly anybody come in front of you and after a second that person would be invisible, any person moves around in air, not in ground, or the things which are around in a proper manner suddenly that things would be falling or flying in the air.

It sounds scary right……….. But think for a moment if it would happen in your real life as well as the whole things suddenly happened with you. What will you feel at that time???

Okay- 2 don’t be so scary. Just chill……….. I’m not going to scare you more but in this video, you can see similarly all of these things but all it would be pre-planned or it could be said that the whole idea will be a prank which is created by a team in a cafe for observing the reactions of people………… 🙂 🙂 
So. Just be happy and not scared……….. 😀 😀