Watch What Happens When This Estonian Keeps Swinging. You Won’t Believe How Far He Takes It

What happens when a group of extreme Estonian’s get together to create the most extreme adult swing concept they can dream up? The result is called Kiiking, and it’s incredible.

Kiiking, translated from Estonian to English as “Swinging,” was invented in 1996 by Ado Kark. The goal of Kiiking is to swing all the way over the fulcrum of the swing. The winner is the person who goes the highest.

The Estonian’s hold the Guinness World Record in Kiiking, with a mind blowing 7.02 Meter swing. While the Estonian’s are the creators and by far and away the champions, both the American and the Kiwis have gotten in on the action with respective country records of 5.31 and 4.83 Meters respectively.