Truly Signifies Fathers Love And Sportsmanship

This happens most of the times that if you are good in any kind of game, sport or work then at last moment when it comes that you have to give your best in that field, then sudden on that time something happens due to which you can’t do it properly not even complete it….. 🙁 🙁

And that time many people come near to you and give sympathy but not support you to fight with that problem. Because in that there is only a support enough for us too complete our task. And something had happened in real life which I want to share with you.

On June,19 the world will again stand up and thank their respective father for all the love and support that has been consistently pouring on to each one of us since we came into this world. This video is just one out of million examples when a father had done something unique and extraordinary for his child. Derek Redmond, a well-known athlete suffered an injury in the mid of the race but his father made sure that Derek becomes the winner and an inspiration for the crowd.