Top 10 Actors Who Do Their Own Stunts

There was a time when the stuntman or stuntwoman would perform the stunts in the movie. But in today’s time, most of the actors and actresses perform their own stunts that are amazing to see.

The stunts of Hollywood, as well as Chinese movies, are so popular because they are all outstanding and fantastic in itself. Because they are not only performed very well but even choreographed and directed very well too.
After watching these stunts everyone really would think that how they do this?????????????

Well, here are many actors and actresses who perform their stunts themselves but we have prepared the list of most popular as well as most favorite actors and actresses who did their stunts themselves such as –

1. Donnie Yen

2. Angelina Jolie

3. Daniel Craig

4. Tom Cruise

5. Jackie Chain and rest of all you can see in the video.

You have to see at once you will really enjoy it!!!!!!!!!!!!……………….. 🙂 🙂

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