Taking A Selfie Every Day Helped Her Shed 124 Lbs.

Justine McCabe had tried every possible diet since she was 18. Unfortunately, every time she failed at making any significant, long term changes. Last year, after her husband’s death the 31-year-old barely left her house and began to gorge on food as a way to cope with her pain.

After three months of his passing, family and friends encouraged McCabe to start going to the gym. Weighing 313 pounds, the mom of two began to work out six times a week. She also took daily selfies to document her journey and help her stay motivated.

McCabe set new goals for herself; to start challenging herself to do the things that scared her like skydiving, going to Paris, and cliff jumping. “Every challenge I tackled made me feel more alive and brought me back it life, it kept me fuelled to keep going on and living,” says McCabe.