Selfies Prank : Look What They Do To People On The Street !

Taking a selfie and posted it on a social media is kind of a fashion or I can say that it is the type of tradition to click a selfie and then post it.

Have you also a keeda of selfie click????? Then you must watch this crazy video in which people do a lot of crazy things to click a selfie that will make you die laugh…………… 😀 😀

This is an amazing video that is going to turn you mad completely and you will start thinking that what next is going to happen. So, just click unique type of selfies and then post it……….. 😉 😉

But this video helps you understand how people use their selfie stick to create pranks. Now it’s the generation of Camera and cell phones.

As I told you that the word “Selfie” has become a trend. Adding to it selfie stick plays an additional role into it.