Patanjali CEO Acharya Balakrishna Enters India Rich List With $3.8 Billion (Rs 25,600 crore)

Balakrishna has just joined the elite list of the richest CEOs in India and why not because patanjali as a brand has seen 233% of growth in two years. Balakrishana has a total property of twenty five thousand crore of property by the virtue of which he becomes the 25th richest CEO of India. At the beginning of patanjali career as a brand the people reacted in a mixed manner as we were already slave of foreign brands because of which we kept on profiting the companies outside India.

We should not start crying upon the success of the brand because it is doing a very good job towards countries economy and moreover providing employment. The current BJP government also seems to support this brand as it is doing a good job for the country.