One Of The Biggest Collisions In WWE History: Undertaker Vs Brock Lesnar

WWE is one of the largest entertainment sport in the world and it has a fanbase all around the world. WWE has entertained us for decades now and has provided us with unique talents among which The Undertaker is also known as the dead man and Brock Lesnar also known as the beast.

These both superstars are the biggest powerhouses in the WWE and their rivalry is mostly enjoyed by the WWE universe. Brock Lesnar broke Undertakers undefeated streak of 21 straight wins in WrestleMania and since then both these superstars looked to have revenge on each other. This video will show you one of the biggest collisions between both of them were all superstars came out of the locker room to control brock and undertaker but these two powerhouses were so must motivate by revenge that they went berserk and nobody was able to contain them.