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A lesson you never forget I assure you……

A boy is 18 yrs old and he told a truth to us all that he love his mother only 18 days out of his whole life.

Isn’t True?


I know you all not agree with him but yes, this thing was to happen in most of the people’s life.


There is a formula what we apply on each year.

1 year = 365 Days
1 Day = 1 Mother’s Day

Mother Love Calculator

Love = Age of yours * 1 Day

I know this formula don’t feel you good and looking weird but we did it. We all love our mothers but wait for a day called mother’s day to wish her.

Why I don’t know…..I have no answer…..but ya after seeing this video I have answer why and who is she…..She is My Mother and no one have words to define this Word “Mother”.