M.S. Dhoni Trolls Sushant Singh Rajput | Very Funny

Undoubtedly this movie is one of the most awaited movies of the year 2016 as it has already started to raise eyebrows after the trailers have come out.

Sushant has played as the on screen Dhoni and the amount of hard work and passion that this actor has put in is incredible as during some of the instances in the teaser we see him walking and playing helicopter shots with perfection. He had grown his hair, did plenty of exercises to match Dhoni’s Physique and so on. During this press conference, Dhoni showed his real side where he is seen interacting with media in the most humble way as he talks about the movie and about Sushant. In between, he shows his humor as well which made all the public out there laugh. This is a long media session but we promise you that not a single minute will make you feel bored as there is so much fun involved in it.