Introducing A Latest As Well As World’s First Color Picker & Stylus Pen

What a great creation? Have you ever seen any device which can sense color just by touching and after that you can use that color for creating anything that you want. Scribble, a great device for an artist. It is an awesome and creative tool for everyone not only for the artist can use it everybody can use it for so many things.

It is a device that has senses for colors means when you touch the end of this device to any of the thing then it senses the color and then provide you the same color that it sensors. It can be used for anything for example if you are designing your house then use scribble to sense your paint and then decide which color curtain and sofas suits to your room…………. 😀 😀

If you are wearing any dress then just sense your dress with it and then match with that dress, you can also match your makeup with the dress. One most important thing you can also connect scribble to your smart device and then make good color combinations.