Here’s What Disha Patani Has To Say About Her Affair With Tiger Shroff! Unbelievable

The new handsome hunk of Bollywood, Tiger Shroff is surely the most flawless dancer. Last seen in a music video called ‘Befikra’ with a pretty new face we couldn’t get our eyes off. This beautiful actress is the cute girl from a Dairy Milk Silk Bubble TVC, Disha Patani. She will soon be seen opposite Sushant Singh Rajput in the most awaited biopic ‘M.S. DHONI-The Untold Story’.


Apparently, we’ve heard a lot of rumors lately of these two amazing on-screen pair dating each other. Especially, her sizzling dance on Beat Pe Booty challenge also gave us hints of these two being together. However, the actress bluntly denied the fact of affairs with Tiger Shroff.

When asked about being link-up she said,

“No. I think I am very anti-social. I don’t have newspapers in my house. I have a news application which only gives me important news, no Bollywood. So even if there is some report about me, I don’t know.”


According to her it’s all about professional making money from such gossips, here’s what she says,

“I don’t care. It doesn’t bother me at all. I think everybody’s making money. It is something that people like to read. It is superficial but people want to read about somebody’s life. I think I am lucky enough to be getting this chance also that people want to know about me. I don’t want to complain over it. I am in the happy-ok-zone. I am fine because somebody’s opinion can’t become my reality.”

That’s true! It’s just a rumor and nothing more.

This is saddening for their fans, isn’t it? Further, she added,

“We both are very similar and that is the reason why we are good friends. I don’t think he reads newspapers… He is so focused. He wakes up early, goes for gymnastic, whole day till 7-8 o’clock he is working on himself. He has this agenda in life, Everyday I want to become better than what I was yesterday. He is a different guy, so, I don’t think it affects him at all.”

Well, all we wish for you two is good luck and happiness, with or without each other. Though we wish to hear something exciting soon, right guys? What’s your take on this piece of information, share with us in the comments section given below.