This Guy Was Harassing A Muslim Girl In Public! You Won’t Believe How People Reacted

The current situation in our country is very upsetting due to the ill-effects of the Uri attacks. It has left a deep wound on our hearts that’s not going to heal anytime soon. But, has it also affected or changed our point of view towards Muslim brothers and sisters in the country? Will it be correct to blame an entire community for the wrongdoings of just a few? Certainly not! It is absolutely unfair to do so.

In our country, we’ve always seen people taking a step forward, to help anyone in difficulty. Whether it’s a guy or a girl, Hindu or Muslim, Indians never question them or think twice before offering their support. To know if today’s critical situation has affected their thought or not, Prankify came up with this interesting social experiment. We can see a random guy is harassing a Muslim girl in public but the reaction of the people around is amazing. You’ll be glad to see the results of this video, check this out:

Now that is the true spirit of India, isn’t it?

The people of country very well understand how important is a girl’s safety and self-respect, regardless of which religion she belongs to. It is a sign of unity and peace that has reflected through this amazing video, don’t you agree? Share your views on this valuable video in the comments section below.