Gay Love In Escalator Pranks

Have you ever thought that how a girl or women feels when any guy touch them or make flirty gestures to them??

Never na……. But you should at least for at once!!

Okay………. Just imagine that if it would happen with you then what you feel at that time??

Here is a video which is also a great example to guys to as how they got so upset and felt violated just by having someone touch their hand and make flirty gestures that were unwanted.

Now think of how females feel when we have to endure this constant crap of unwanted advances made by disrespectful males all the time! And when females get angry or react in a way they don’t like, they are seen as being negative or prudish.

Seriously wake up guys and stop with the contradictions… funny as it may seem to some, for others, it feels very unpleasant being touched when it isn’t wanted, doesn’t it??

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