Which country is ‘Namak Haram’, Google Gives A Hilarious Answer

It seems as if US-based search engine Google has also recognized India as a ‘disloyal country’.

India has been maligning Pakistan at international political and diplomatic fronts, despite Pakistan’s repeated offer to resolve all the bilateral issues through talks. India is also involved in state terrorism in Kashmir. Indian forces have martyred over 100 innocent Kashmiris and injured thousands others.

It has been recently discovered that when you write ‘Namak Haram’ (an Urdu word which means a disloyal person) Google gives you suggestion ‘Namak Haram country’ and when you click on it the country which pops up before you is India.


Namak Haram is a Bollywood blockbuster movie of 1973 featuring Big B, Rekha and Rajesh Khanna.

Google has not clarified as to why it has declared India a Namak Haram, however it has amused millions of people world over.