Canadian Woman Travels More Than 8,000 Miles To Marry Her Online Filipino Lover

Although Canada and the Philippines are over 8,000 miles apart, serendipity brought this beautiful Canadian girl and handsome guy from General Santos City together! The lovely couple’s love story shows how love knows no boundaries and no distance! Canadian Elodie Pelletier got in touch with Romel Sindol from the Philippines through a simple friend request on Facebook in November 2009.

Romel had gotten the friend request from Elodie, and they “clicked” upon their correspondences via Skype, MSN, and Facebook.

Gradually, they developed feelings for each other, and eventually, they became an item, even though they had never met.

After a 2-year online, long-distance relationship, Elodie felt the time was right for her to pay her boyfriend, Romel, a visit.

So, on Jan. 5, 2012, she flew more than 8,000 miles (over 13,000 km) to General Santos City to meet the love of her life!

Upon meeting each other in person at General Santos City International Airport, Elodie and Romel were seen sharing a warm embrace like long-lost friends!

It’s an experience meeting someone for the first time after having spoken for years on Facebook.

During Elodie’s visit, the couple had a wonderful time together. They took many photos together, such as this snapshot of them on Romel’s motorbike.

Their love grew fonder after their short, but memorable meeting!

Elodie returned to Canada afterward.

And the couple continued their long-distance relationship online.

After a year-and-a-half, the couple met again at the airport terminal.

This time around, Elodie, who by now was madly in love with Romel, was in the Philippines to say “I do!”

Elodie and Romel tied the knot, with the approval of her parents of course.

Elodie’s parents flew to the Philippines to witness their beautiful daughter taking her wedding vows alongside her handsome Romel.

After so many years, their long-distance relationship finally came to a beautiful ending.

Their love story has since been making the rounds on social media, touching the hearts of netizens worldwide.