A Heartthrobe Innovative iPhone Technology That Will Blow Your Mind Totally

I can bet that you would never have seen such stunning, breathtaking technology in a camera. This technology has not yet come out for the users but it is expected to come very soon.

So if you want to have such flawless camera then just have a look on the video. I will tell you the feature of that camera. It has the auto-selfie mode, panorama mode, party mode as well as time lapse mode. You know the most interesting fact, It will select all the modes automatically. So want to know the name of the phone just see the video.

Marvellous, stunning, mindblowing these words are nothing for this technology. Parachute system, a technology that will keep your phone safe from damaging when your phone will fall down.

What a terrific remarkable innovative technology. In real we don’t have any proof of this technology but in future this technology has existence. Look this technology has such types of sensors that will sense the distance, speed, directions and then calculating these extremes it will switch on the valves and nozzles of co2 and your phone will land as it has a parachute. CO2 release creates pressure and the phone will land smoothly on the surface. So go, guys, watch the video and see such splendid video.

Let’s have a look at such revolutionary technology which can blow your mind to another world. This technology is in videos only it is not alive still.

But you know after seeing this video, you will go to an imaginary world. It’s an amazing technology named widescreen. It means the screen of the phone will become wide when you want it. The screen of the phone will come out from the edges and automatically gone inside when not needed. The screen is like you feel that everything is going in front of your eyes. The screen size is greater than the phone width.