6 Year Old Boy With Dwarfism Gives A Heart Touching Message

Everyone will agree that small babies are the cutest things that overwhelms everyone with their cuteness factor as their feelings are so pure and it is not mixed with any hatred whatsoever. A video message from a six-year-old boy with dwarfism is going viral and breaking hearts around the world. So, here you can see a short film about Mr. Grant who is a 6 year old boy. Grant is a very cute boy and also inspirational because he has a kind of ‘Dwarfism’ called Diastrophic Dysplasia(DD) which is one of the form of Dwarfism due to this Grant is kind of little person.

This baby had a little issue with his physique and he was very disappointed with it and the way he explained his anger on the same is a treat to watch. We all are the same in childhood but as we grow up we tend to lie and cheat as well at some point of time but there are some as well who live with the same innocence whole life, they might not get that much success because of their heart being pure but the world respects such persons.

Grant told about himself in this video that he likes to read, he likes to play, and he likes to climb, but, sometimes, people think he and his 1-year-old brother are twins and the reason is he has diastrophic dysplasia dwarfism. The Genetics Home Reference defines this disorder: “Diastrophic dysplasia is a disorder of cartilage and bone development. Affected individuals have short stature with very short arms and legs.” And they also say about 1 out of every 100,000 newborns are born with it.

Even Grant’s dad also said that “The first time he crawled all the way up the stairs took him 45 minutes but he would not be stopped. I cried watching him and have been humbled by him many times since. Thanks for sharing the love.”

I’ll never know how my new little son’s gigantic heart fits in that tiny little body of his. Check out the video to hear him share his story in his own words.