5 Best Ways to Make Yourself Look Younger Without Plastic Surgery

There are so many reasons that your skin looks older than your age. There are some of simple remedies and tips we provide you here to look younger and healthy.

Its very common problem in this fast growing society that we look older than of our age. there are so may reason of look older than age like hormonal changes such as the loss of oestrogen in the body which makes our skin drier, the slowing down of collagen and elastin production, so skin loses its melanin, the substance that gives our skin its colour, making us more susceptible to UV damage, sun spots and wrinkles. There all are the major problems.

Some of the problems come with pollution, tissue damaged, smoke, sunlight and food. You have to take care of skin, while you going outside the home always apply sunscreen on your face, and give up to smoke. Try to have some healthy food. Intake good amount of vitamin & vegetables.

There is 5 way to look younger:

Yoga At Any Age-

Yoga is one of the best ways to look younger than your age. You can do yoga at any age. Yoga is just like exercise. Working out is more important as we aged. It strengthens our body, muscles and looks more healthy to us.

After the 20 minute sessions of yoga, your body will be sweat out. Yoga will help you to tighten your muscle, look younger, more flexible, and strengthen your muscle. Anyone can do the basic yoga.

More Good Fat Less Bad Fat-

Doctors always suggest you take some good fat. But we always take bad fat. Such as saturated and trans fat. Saturated and trans fat clogging the arteries. But if you intake a good amount of right fat then you can reduce the effect of saturated and trans fat.

Good fat is a help to glowing up your skin. But our new generation intake only 20-30 percent of good fat rest are saturated or trans fat.

Sources of good fat

  • Salmon

  • Walnuts

  • Avocado

  • Cheese (in moderation)

  • Almonds

  • Dark Chocolate

  • Exfoliate 1 to 3 Time A Week-

    Exfoliate is one of the best methods to remove the dead skin, dead cells, dirt, excessive amount of oil from the skin.

    Exfoliate increase the collagen production and give you the smoother and healthy skin. Make your tone fairer and clean your pores.

    Exfoliation helps to clean your pore and easily absorb any moisturiser and if you go for any treatment it will help you a lot to absorb the chemical properly.

    You look start much younger when you use exfoliation..the product with antioxidant and retinoid are much effective than normal exfoliate.

    You can still chemically exfoliate your skin using products containing glycol or salicylic acid that also get rid of acne.

    6 to 8-hour Sleep-

    6 to 8-hour sleep is important for skin, body and mind as well. You have to sleep at least for 6 hours. More you sleep more you will be lazy or get tired. Less you sleep also make you tired. Perfect sleep makes you healthier and energises your body and mind.

    When you sleep 6 to 8 hour every night will produce hormone and which make your skin supple and healthy.
    Get more moisturiser.

    You need to more water and moisturiser to make your skin soother and radiant. Your skin looks more younger and healthy. Intake a large amount of water repair your skin inside out.

    Water base moisturises always make your skin glowing… anti ageing moisturiser gives you instant glow on your skin.

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