These Are The 12 Bollywood Celebrities Who Own Private Jets

Bollywood stars are known for their lavish lifestyles and all exquisite luxuries they have. Bigger the star, bigger is his list of luxuries.

While other luxuries may be common but having a private jet is the greatest style symbol for Bollywood stars. A private jet is the greatest style symbol for these Bollywood stars.
These private jets speak for the success and fame of these stars and also for their fascination with exquisite luxuries. Stars like to live life kingsize and nothing endorses the kingsize life better than the feeling of owning a private jet.

1. Shahrukh Khan

King Khan isn’t just a king on the screen but a king for real. Shahrukh owns a lavish private jet and that’s his biggest style statement.

 2. Salman Khan

The Bhai of Bollywood is no less than being a mega star too. Salman Khan also has a stylish private jet.

3. Ajay Devgan Ajay Devgan has delivered many big hits and he doesn’t mind flaunting his stardom. Ajay Devgan who is known for big hits also owns a private jet.

4. Hrithik Roshan

The handsome hunk of Bollywood and India’s very own superhero has a sexy private jet and he likes to flaunt it.

 5. Shilpa Shetty and Raj Kundra

The power couple too owns a private jet. This private jet adds more value to her already lavish and grand lifestyle.

6. Amitabh Bachchan

Big B is a big star and so are his luxuries. Senior Bachchan owns a hot private jet. It speaks for his grand lifestyle.

7. Madhuri Dixit

The all time favourite Bollywood Diva too owns a stylish private jet.

8. Sri Devi

The actress known to be bubbliest of her times too has a grand definition of life. Sri Devi too has a private jet.

 9. Priyanka Chopra

She’s making India proud at the international level and among the sexiest ladies of the world. Priyanka Chopra has grown to be a mega star not just in India but abroad as well. Priyanka Chopra owns a private jet and she’s never shy of flaunting it.

10. Sunny Leone

The most popular item girl of India who has earned good fame in the industry in no time is another celebrity who owns a private jet.

11. Diljit Dosanjh

The pride of Punjab who’s taking big leaps in Bollywood now also has a private jet. He bought his jet just a while ago and his fans were too proud of him.

12. Anil Kapoor

Anil Kapoor is defying all laws of ageing. Anil Kapoor is another Bollywood star who owns a private jet