10 Unusual People Born With Extra Body Parts

Having a “normal” body is something a lot of people take for granted. Sure, there are probably things about your own form that you wish you could change, like wrinkles or cellulite, but overall, most of us don’t have to worry about things like having to buy custom fitted shirts to accommodate a third arm. But for other people, having a very different body is a daily reality.

As we’ve shown you before, the human body is really, really weird. It’s all at once extremely resilient and extremely fragile, and the smallest problems in the womb can cause major deformities after birth. Some deformities are even inherited — having just five fingers is actually a recessive trait, so it’s actually pretty crazy that most people’s hands look the way they do! But other differences aren’t just hereditary — they were caused by something like radiation or tainted food or medicine, leaving the child with extra or deformed limbs.

Whether they’ve kept them or had them removed, there are a surprising number of people that have been born with extra appendages. Before viewing them, be aware that some of these pictures are a bit hard to look at, but remember that many of these people have gone on to live healthy lives… They just go about it a bit differently than we do.