Your Selfishness Might Become The Reason For Someone’s Death…..Must Watch

India has the highest number of deaths due to ambulance delays and it is not because of the inability of the hospital or the doctor or the ambulance driver but it’s us who have become so narrow-minded and educated illiterate that we don’t even care when we see an ambulance behind us thus risking someone’s life.

It is a heinous crime for which the person would be answerable to god because just to get ahead in a hurry and wanting to reach somewhere we tend to forget that there is a critical patient inside the ambulance who needs immediate assistance. India can never become a developed country until we develop and broaden our mind because a country is made by its people and the person who is dying for help inside the ambulance is also our own people so don’t argue for a change rather be a change and when next time you see someone obstructing an ambulance please teach that person about the value of life.