Yanina Chiesa- 1 Girl 15 Different Voices Will Leave You Speechless

You will be completely surprised to see the talent that this girl possesses as she has a unique talent by the use of which she is able to bring out fifteen different voices from her voice box. Yes, you had correctly heard whatever I’m saying right now. Yanina Daniela Chiesa, the girl who became popular for her unique talent that she can sing in 15 different voices of famous female pop singer.

A person’s voice depends on a lot of different factors, such as the exact shape and size of the voice box, the shape and size of the mouth, (both of which can vary quite a bit and cause substantial differences to what we hear), and the way in which the person has learnt to speak.

So, may be that’s why Yanina has command on her voice and can sing on different voices. Yanina is from Argentina and she posted the video herself in which she sings the songs of 15 iconic female pop artists that is extraordinary or we can say unbelievable. Yanina totally nails out with her wonderful voice talent as well as portraying each of the artists'(Taylor Swift, Adele, Selena, Shakira and Britney Spears) unique tones, pronunciation and also vocals. I mean seriously how good she is and the impressive were Ariana Grande & Ellie Goulding in her voice.

In her second impressive video she does nine more artists in which including Demi Lovato, Miley Cirus, Rihana and also Lady Gaga.