Watch Out The Top 10 Insane Direct Hit Run-Outs In Cricket History

A direct hit is a phenomenon in Cricket history where a fielder hits the wickets from a distant place and this way of getting out is the most frustrating thing for all the batsmen. We have brought for you the top ten moments in Cricket history where the batsmen felt too much disappointment after their wicket was shattered by some brilliant fieldwork done by the fieldsmen.

It becomes a moment of subdue happiness when a field we from the boundary line hits the wicket directly causing a run out because such kind of accuracy in throw is considered as a brilliant piece of work and can be sometimes lucky as well because if you consider a fieldsman shooting from the boundary line when he is standing at square leg because only one stump is visible from that angle and it is almost impossible to aim from such distance.

You will feel the surprising element when you these epic direct hit run outs that could the real encounter of the batsman at the direct throw in the wickets. Cricket is a most popular game in the entire world and everyone like it. So, check out this insane video that will definitely shock you and you will really like it!