Watch Out Gregg Duffy’s Double Front Flip To Win FMX Event

Deadly bike lovers can be found all over the world and there are many riders who make the people stunned with the stunts as they perform deadly stunts which can make us blink twice to believe as it is very hard to believe how a man can drive a machine with such speed and accuracy. And Gregg Duffy is a very popular face in this world. Specially Gregg Duffy is the first biker in the history who claims double front flip at the Nitro Circus World Games in FMX event.

The master of all is clearly Gregg Duffy who astonished the whole world with the leap that he did wherein he went meters up in the air and his body and bike did many swings up in the air. It was a treat for the people who were surprised and happy to see such a great stunt.

Well Gregg Duffy is an American landed the first-ever double front flip in competitive history to claim the win in FMX Best Trick at the World Nitro Games event.

So, check out this video that’ll surprised you totally.