Secret Android Functions 95% of Users Don’t Know About

In today’s day and age, every single person has a smartphone. But if we have people driving on the roads and not knowing how to use an indicator, we can be certain about how people are also unaware of many phone functions.

We at Tapoos have dug out a few rare things that people commonly do not know. We are sure you will be thoroughly fascinated.


Not many people know, but if your smartphone has a wallpaper that is black, then it’s helping you save your battery. By keeping a background black, it stops the phone from its automatic highlighting feature. Although this particular feature is not available on all Android phones but it is available in the majority of Samsung sets. Try it out for yourself.


You do not have to read everything out, and you have the option of listening to it also. All you have to do is go to your settings and turn your ‘text-to-speech’ option. You can practically listen to all sorts of text on your phone including this article.


There is an option that if you lose your phone or it gets stolen, you can just go online and block it. You will find this setting under security by the name of ‘remote lock and erase.’


If you want to hand your phone to someone and yet maintain a line of privacy, then this is your solution. It is pretty simple, just swipe your menu down, and from the use, icon makes a guest mode profile. You can dictate what a person can see and what a person cannot see through that mode.


There are a lot of people who have weak eye sight and would like to magnify their screen. It is pretty simple, just go to your settings and find the magnifying option under ‘accessibility.’ This way you can zoom your home screen as you wish.


You do not need another device to share your internet with other people around you. There are times when you are working where wifi is not available, and multiple people need to access the internet. Simply go into your setting and turn the ‘hotspot’ mode on. This will turn your device into a wireless Lan.


If you live in a cold area and find it hard to take your hands out of a glove again and again to use your phone, this is the app for you. There are times when a person is occupied or multitasking and cannot use his or her phone. Eva Facial Mouse will help you control your phone just by your head movements.


For this, your Android needs to be Gingerbread version 2.3. This is a present from Google for all its users. It is a secret, and that’s exactly why it is difficult to find. Just simply go to your ‘Android version’ and keep pressing it obsessively. If you do that a tiny game will open and right when it does, tap it again and you will enter the game. Try it out now!