Chilling Tales of the 7 Most Gruesome Serial Killers in History

The society has always had a strange fascination for Serial Killers. Their maleficent acts are heinous, and their grotesque deeds are beyond the comprehension of average humans. It is the inability of normal humans to fathom the depth of serial killers’ twisted psyche and that is what makes us want to know more about these morbid creatures. Once you start reading about these brutal beings, you automatically want to delve more in order to understand what triggers their actions.

Someone is deemed as a serial killer if they kill three or more people over a certain period of time (Please Don’t!). What makes it very difficult to spot them is that they behave absolutely normal in public and may appear to be peaceful citizens like any of us. However, they are psychopaths who lack morality and conscience. Psychologists and Criminal Investigators have tried to study them in deep, but still haven’t been able to establish the reason behind their motives. Serial Killers are often display behaviours of necrophilia, pedophilia, and cannibalism!

Let’s go on thrilling journey to unravel some of the most frightening serial killers the world has ever seen –

Here are 7 Most Gruesome Serial Killers in History

  • Jack The RipperSerial Killers

Till date, no one knows whether Jack the Ripper is one individual or a group of people. Jack The Ripper terrorized the city of London in the late 19th century, around 1888. This Serial Killer, for reasons best known to him, targeted only prostitutes, and murdered them in London’s Whitechapel area.

The prostitutes would be lured into alleys and sideways and then their throats would be slit. Between June to October in 1888, 5 prostitutes’ mutilated bodies were found, and their internal organs were removed with surgical precision. London Police started receiving 100s of letters from concerned Londoners, but the case could never be solved.

  • The Vampire of Sacramento (Serial Killers)

Serial Killers

Richard Chase, better known as the Vampire of Sacramento, is a serial killer from the late 1970s. His twisted psychological tendencies were first identified when he started eating animals raw! Following these acts, he was taken to an asylum and treated given treatment. However, after his release, the intensity of his acts increased.

Trent started killing humans and would then savor their body parts. He is said to have mixed human body parts in cold drinks in order to make a ‘smoothie’. So deranged was his mind that he would first kill people and then have sex with their dead bodies. He was caught, only after he murdered an entire family in 1979. He was supposed to be executed in a gas chamber, but before that could happen he killed himself.

  • The Acid Bath Murderer

Serial Killers

We’ve seen shrewd and greedy businessmen trying to extract money from others, but The Acid Bath Murderer took greed to unbelievable levels. Named John Haigh, this serial killer killed 9 businessmen during the 1940s.

John Haigh would convince wealthy businessmen that he is a rich tycoon too, and under the pretext of deals, would take them to an isolated warehouse. Once there, he would shoot them and dissolve the torsos in sulfuric acid! He would then forge papers under their name, and get the properties and businesses transferred to his name. Too bad for him, the wealth never came to much use as he was convicted and hanged in 1949 at the Wandsworth Jail.

  • The Rostov Ripper (Serial Killers)

Serial Killers

Talking about necrophilia and sexual gratification, there’s hardly a case that will seem as horrendous as the Andrei Chikatilo one. Andrei was a resident Ukraine. He terrorized the entire Soviet Union with his serial killings. So much so that he earned the unwanted title of ‘The Rostov Ripper’, and ‘The Butcher of Rostov’ for his killings.

The Rostov Ripper derived sexual satiation by stabbing minors and women to death. In order to please his phallic, he ended up killing 52 women and children in 12 years. A countrywide manhunt was launched for him, which eventually led to his arrest in 1990, wherein he confessed having murdered 36 people. It eventually turned out to be 52 people.

  • The Cannibal of Milwaukee

Serial Killers

Jeffery Dahmer, infamous as the Cannibal of Milwaukee, indulged in some unbelievably grotesque and barbaric acts of cannibalism and necrophilia. In a span of 13 years from ’78 to ’91, he murdered and mutilated the bodies of 17 boys and men. One of the most chilling accounts of his murders includes dismembering the private parts of his victim and cooking it!

It is said that Dahmer waited outside homosexual clubs to build contacts with men. He would later lure them and take them home, only to later indulge in gruesome acts, the likes of which even included eating private parts of other men. When he was arrested, police found liters of acid stored inside his home, along with other instruments that he used for murdering the victims. Indeed, one of the most barbaric living beings of all times.

  • Pogo The Clown

Serial Killers

Talking about leading dual lives, this one takes the cake. John Wayne Gacy was a much adored public figure, who was so sociable that he even performed as ‘Pogo the Clown’ for school kids, doing magic tricks. Little did the society know that the mind of this individual was more evil than the devil himself.

John Gacy was so sexually abnormal that he indulged in sex with young men, and other people’s wives. In order to feed his sexual hunger, he is said to have kidnapped, raped, and murdered over 30 young kids. After committing these heinous crimes, he would bury the victims in his backyard.

  • The Nurse Killer

Serial Killers

Every serial killer has his own methods of killing people. Some prefer using guns and armor, whereas some prefer slaying more personally. But the horrifying account of Donald Harvey differs from the rest.

Donald Harvey served as an assistant nurse, and use this position of trust to poison his victims. He used arsenic and cyanide to contaminate injections and fluids, which went inside the patients’ bodies. Over a span of a few years, he killed over 70 patients. He even got pleasure in infecting his patients using infected syringes.

Usually, serial killers are found to have undergone traumatic childhood experiences. They end up developing dangerous fixations that are difficult to cure. What’s worse is that many develop dual personalities that are very difficult to identify.