Meet Hero Alom, The New Internet Sensation Whose Pics Will Definitely Make Single Boys Jealous!

Fame is weird and amorphous and unpredictable’ This phrase is absolutely suitable for this Bengali hero. Ashraful Alom Saeed aka Hero Alom,  who got fame for his below average looks and is now become an internet sensation.

His story is little filmy, his father left him and his mother when he was young. He left schooling while in 7th . Thereafter, he was a street vendor and when he ever he got free time he would go to video library to see music videos and models from there he got inspired and one day he bought that video library and started producing his own music videos which made him internet sensation.beautiful girls are crazy for him, even Bangladeshi cricketers want to take selfie with him.

the man in the picture below, is a Bangladeshi hero and social media sensation.

Do not feel weird, yes it’s an internet sensation. and this is a truth that girls go mad over Alom and his videos on YouTube has millions of views.

Alom is also an owner of a cable TV shop and reports also say that he was a roadside vendor before he started making his own videos. He has over 500 music videos in which he acts with beautiful models dancing around him.

ALom with Beautiful girls around in his music videos are going viral . it is making guys feel inferior and jealous! and receives ugly remarks for his looks which made him star.

Believe it or not, but this is true 😛

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