Incredible Reaction Of Dog To Owners Death That Make You Awww

Dogs can be trained hard and can be made much disciplined but one thing is for sure whether you train him or not he will still love you with all his heart. That’s why whenever they notice that there is something wrong with their owner then they are immediately react on that moment. So, we have took for you such an amazing video that will make you laugh as well as emotional also because the dog gave an incredible reaction to his owners death which is a kind of prank.

In this video, a dog owner tries to mock his death in front of his dog that is Siberian husky which is considered as a very intelligent dog breed. Upon seeing the discomfort of his owner this husky got tensed and started reacting as if he is a human, he started sniffing and licking his owner. At the end owner himself realized that his dog is getting emotionally tensed so he is ended his act and then the dog became really happy.

So, now you can see in this video that how the dog react on the owners fake death prank, it’s quite emotional that will make love from dog.