How Would You Stop Domestic Violence & Abuse Against Women/Men?

Would you ever notice the reaction of people whenever they saw the domestic violence or abuse against a women or men? If not then check it out here! Domestic violence is a major issue all around the world and government tries to bring out new laws to minimize these act of violence but this video was shot in a planned way to see how people react differently to the abuse being made by a man to a girl and vice versa.

You will see that people try to stop and beat up the guy when he is seen assaulting his girl, they even catch hold of the guy and beat him up like hell but when it came up to a girl harassing a guy the people were seen enjoying the moment and make fun of the guy. In a world where people claim to have respect women all the times seems half-truth because in that way people should react in the same manner and not consider the gender factor as violence can be done by both genders.

So, what you think now or why are you become quite now? It’s true that most of the men in this world are also the victim of domestic violence but no one take a stand for them because from starting our mentality is that only a woman would be the victim of domestic violence or abuse but man, could not be possile.

Just think for a minute why? I think you will get the answer of this question. If not then check out this video to see the difference between the domestic violence or abuse with a man and a woman in this world where people talk about equality. See this video at once!