These 12 Companies Came Up With The Most Creative And Hilarious Shopping Bags

A company’s shopping bag plays an important role in allowing it to retain a customer’s sentiment and imbibe it’s brand image in his/her mind. Many brands around the world provide their customers with creative and unique shopping bag so as to form a picture of their product in their minds.

In this post, the team of Funniest Indian brings for you some of the most creative and hilarious shopping bags ever produced by companies.

1- Stop’n Grow Bags

For all it’s customers who were addicted to nail biting, Stop’n Grow came up with these special bags.

2- Shopping Bag Of Fitness Company 

To spread their motto of fitness, Fitness Company came up with bags that had dumbbells designed on them.

3- Shopping Bags given by German Shop Condomi

The German condom manufacturer gives its customers it’s special products in rather weird looking shopping bags.

4- Let’s Play XXL Bag By San Li Tun Village

These are giant XXL limited edition bags with images of dinosaur eggs, dinosaur skeletons or giant dinosaurs designed on them.

5- X-Ray Shopping Bag By Blush Lingerie

In case you want to know the world you went for lingerie shopping, X-Ray Shopping Bag By Blush Lingerie is the best source.

6- Shopping Bags By Green Peace

These bags helped in raising awareness about animals support group “Give me your hand”.

7- ASPE Crime Stories: Revolver Bag

This bag was given when you bought a book by the famous Belgian crime writer.

8- Carlsberg Shumensko Beer: Crate Bag

For all the beer lovers out there, this bag provided a feel of beer crate in your hand.

9- 6-Pack Bag By Wheaties

This bag provided inspiration for a healthy body everytime you went for a healthy purchase at Wheaties.

10-   Plastic Bags Kill By Global Action in the Interest of Animals (GAIA)

This shopping bag raises awareness that plastic kills animals and hence should be avoided.

11- Jump Rope Shopping Bag By YKM

To promote sports among budding and young customers, YKM came up with Jump rose shopping bags.

12- Slim Waist Bag By GNC Burn 60

GNC burn 60 will give you this bag in case you are trying to shed some kilos.