Best Talking Parrot Who Have Amazing Talent Will Surprise You

We all have come across many animals especially dogs which are highly trained and are very obedient and we also must have heard a parrot speaking. Yes, you heard it correctly here we are talking about an amazing talented parrot who is one of the best talking parrot in the whole world. And he shows his talent in the America’s GOT show that you can see in this video.

But Alex was a parrot who had a sense of humor as well as he reacted to each and every request of his owner, she would utter many different sounds which were very hard to believe even with an open eye. These rare creatures are a gift to the world that has been given by god as they do something extraordinary and unthinkable. We can proudly say that Alex was one of the most intelligent parrots to have ever lived.

If you can’t believe on this fact then you have to watch this video in which you can see that how Alex show his smartness at the stage of America’s GOT show by giving the answer of the different questions of his owner. Let’s have a look in this video that you will definitely like and remember you have to share this video for increasing the popularity of Alex.