A Security Guard Outclasses All The Entertainers On The Football Ground

A security guard takes up the challenge from an entertainment executive and outclasses him with his dance moves. Although some may view the professional sports industry as an industry of its own, I believe that on a broader scale, it is a part of the Entertainment Industry.

Examples such as wrestling (ie: the WWE), clearly an athletic event, yet choreographed with amusing themes and storylines, help to support this belief. The WWE’s target audience, which covers a wide range of ages, as well as both sexes, follows these wrestling events as they travel throughout the country, by both attending live shows, and viewing them on television. No different than an audience member at a play, or a concert attendee, sports fans enjoy watching live events as they take place right before their eyes. In most cases, it’s the thrill of not knowing what will happen, and then witnessing the results, that keeps these fans coming back for more.